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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (2008)
A group of cuemakers were invited to contribute a cue to a theme collection at the 2008 International Cue Collectors Show. The theme was "European Royalty" and each cuemaker was asked to choose from a list of different countries. By the time the dogsled reached Alaska with the list of choices, only Denmark and one other country were left. Tracy felt our choice was obvious.

The following accompanied the cue and was presented to the gathering at the show:

"To English-speaking people around the world (and with all due respect to the currently seated royal family), the most influential Danish monarch in the last four hundred years was born in pen and ink of William Shakespeare’s fertile imagination. For centuries, Hamlet has been struggling with the questions that ‘give us pause’. Surely he is as real and as meaningful as any of the tabloid-celebrity royals of our time."

"Hamlet" featured (15) spliced points (holly/ebony/ivory-H) into an ebony nose; ebony buttsleeve with a wide ivory band hand-engraved with artwork based on Shakespeare's Hamlet; ebony/ivory block rings with double silver borders; black leather wrap; ivory joint, buttplate and ferrules.

Below: Scrimshawed buttsleeve band shown "unwrapped". Tracy worked the band with Yorick's skull and the full "to sleep perchance to dream" soliloquy overlaid with a large "to be or not to be".

Below: The butt cap is hand engraved with the cue's name.

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