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Passage: Watching the Sands (1999)
The one that got away...

In 1999, the approaching passage of the millenium seemed to command everyone's interest. For a time, the sands trickling through our collective fingers took on heightened meaning.

Tracy had used a hooded, elongated female form on a cue once before, in 1991 (when we were in Illinois at OMEGA/dpk Cue Company) and wanted to revisit the "lady cue" theme.

After the cue was finished, a prospective client wanted to buy the cue, but only if Mike could reduce the cue's weight. While turning the inside of the grip area, the tool bit caught, broke a large chunk of ivory and the rest of the handle's artwork flew apart! Sick at heart, Mike put the untouched nose and buttsleeve on a new handle and gave it a leather wrap -- in black, of course.

Left: This is the only photo we have of Passage as it was originally built.

Right and below: Fragments of the original ivory grip.

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