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Return Journey (2009)
Return Journey is a tribute to the Alaskan Pacific coastal life and peoples featuring a traditional rendering of a salmon motif.

The landscape depicts a favorite family fishing spot in Prince William Sound known for its salmon run, where the ocean salmon head home in their epic up-river return journey.

The woods in the nose, buttsleeve (curly narrra) and grip (curly bubinga) were chosen for their color: the deep, rich tones of dried and smoked salmon. Though the landscape is based on a snapshot of the area, Tracy was thinking of the minimal style of antique maritime scrimshaw, so it is inked in a warm sepia color. The colors of the actual location come through in the point veneers and in the abalone and mother of pearl ring work.

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Below: The butt cap is hand engraved with the cue's name.

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