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A Junior Model
Description: (5) spliced points (birdseye maple) with ebony/ivory dagger inlays into ebony nose; ebony/ivory mirror dagger inlays in the birdseye maple buttsleeve; ebony/silver 10-stitch rings; solid black Irish linen wrap; ivory joint and ferrules; ivory butt cap signed, "Ryan Dunham-Bender by Dad 1994"
Comments: One of a pair, this miniature cue was built in 1994 as a Christmas present for our then three year old son (the mate went to a friend's son). Every detail is exactly 2/3 scale from the cue's overall dimensions to the threads in the stainless joint pin to the ring work!

The cue is shown at the far left and bottom with a full sized shaft. In the close up on the right, the miniature (resting on a standard chalk) is shown below a full-sized cue joint.

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